Documentation & Usage

1.Getting started

This is the Newspapers theme instruction page. We have tried our best to keep it as simple as possible. If you think it can be made even simpler let us know we will be glad to change it. Let’s start! On the right side you can see the table of contents of this documentation. Jump to the section you want, or read it all through – your choice. Let’s move on!


Installing your theme is easy! After downloading you should have a file.

– WordPress Method
1. Go to Appearance » Themes in the WordPress Dashboard and click on the “Add New” button
2. Click on the “Upload link”, select the file and click “Install Now”
3. Activate the theme

– Ftp Method
1. Log into your site via FTP
2. Browse to your folder located at wp-content/themes
3. Unzip the folder and upload Type Plus folder to your server
4. Log In to WordPress and go to Appearance » Themes
5. Find the theme and click to activate

1.2.Automatic Update PRO/FREE

If your theme is out of date, you will see a notice on your WordPress Dashboard. You’ll be able to update your theme using the traditional WordPress update tools.
You will get update notifications only if you have an active Theme License.

1.3.Collect the Pro .zip file & license key

Step 1: Collect the Pro .zip file & license key 

  1. After completing purchase, check your email for Advance & license key
  2. Alternatively, you can Log in to your Themezwp  Account
  3. Click on  View
  4. from there you can download it and also collect  Licence key 

2.Basic Setup

2.1.Base Site Layout

The Newspapers is designed in a way that the whole site can be switched between Full Width or Boxed layout . And this layout will be applied throughout the entire site.

How To Choose / Change Site Layout

To change the site layout

  1. Go to Dashboard ->Appearance->Customize->General settings->Site layout -> Select site layout 
  2. Select your site layout (Boxed or Full Width Or material layout) from the Site Layout drop-down
  3. Wait until the page will refresh, you’ll see an instant preview on the right
  4. If you like the changes, click on Save & Publish

Full-Width Layout

In a Full-width site layout, there is no extra space reserved around the box. Site contents are presented in a wide layout.

Boxed Layout

In Boxed layout, your site’s content will look like as if it’s inside a box. You can even change the width of the box and background color behind the box.

If you select Boxed Layout, additional options will appear. Like the width of the box and  box background color.

Make your changes and hit save.


You can change the Color of any elements in Newspapers theme. To change the default colors of Newspapers theme:

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize > General settings > site color options
  2. You can change your websites overall Primary  color by modifying the Primary color option .
  3. You can change site overall hover color
  4. You can change site overall Font background color . you can use solid color or gradient color
  5. Link color

3.How to setup your home page

How to setup your home page ?

3.1.How to Set up Home Page?

  • WordPress Admin -> Appearance -> Customize ->Home page Settings =>Homepage Settings  : Select => A static page
  • Now add Post page (Blog)
  • Then Add Home page (Home)

2nd Way to do this :

Create Page for Home and Blog
You need at most two pages, one for Home and another for Blog, to make like demo. Please follow this below steps to
set home page.

  • Go to admin panel > Pages > Add New
  • Give the title of page(Example: Home Page)
  • Click on Publish to publish page.
  • Create another page(for Blog), follow the above page creation method.

Set Home page and Blog page
Please set home page and blog page with following procedure.

  • Go to admin panel > Settings > Reading
  • Click on “A static page (select below)”
  • Set Front page: (Home Page recently created above)
  • Posts page:(Blog you recently created)

3.2.Setup Home Slider

  • WordPress Admin -> Appearance -> Customize ->Home page Settings => Slider

Select your slider Category for show slider (In free version you only show 4 sliders)

Important: You must have Featured image in post to show slider image 

  • In this tab you also can set-up Right featured  post (Post appear right side of slider )

3.3.Home Page Widget Areas

  1. Main Home widgets area
  2. Home Page Sidebar widgets area

Custome widgets (Free Version )

Custome widgets (Pro Version )

Homepage widgets area structure(free version ):

Homepage widgets area structure(Pro version ):

4.Widgets and Widgets functions

Tutorial for How to add widgets and widgets functions custom widgets of theme

4.1.How To add Widgets ?

In Theme Customizer, the live preview of changes is available.

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize in the WordPress Administration Screens.
  2. Click the Widget menu in the Theme Customizer to access to the Widget Customize Screen.
  3. Click the down arrow of Widget Area to list the already registered Widgets.
  4. Click Add a Widget button at the bottom of sidebar. It shows the list of available widgets.
  5. Click a widget you want to add. The widgets should be added in the sidebar.
  6. Preview your site and you should see the content from your new Widget.
  7. To arrange the Widgets within the Sidebar, drag and drop the widgets in the order you want or click Reorder link and click up arrow and down allow of each widget and click Done after the arrange operation.
  8. To customize the Widget features, click the down arrow in the right to expand the Widget’s interface.
  9. To remove the widget, click Remove from Widget’s interface in above step.

Also, you can use the following conventional steps:

  1. Go to Appearance > Widgets in the WordPress Administration Screens.
  2. Choose a Widget and either drag it to the sidebar where you wish it to appear, or click the widget, (select a destination sidebar if your theme has more than one) and click the Add Widget button. There might be more than one sidebar option, so begin with the first one. Once in place, WordPress automatically updates the Theme.
  3. Preview the site. You should find that the “default” sidebar elements are now gone and only the new addition is visible.
  4. Return to the Widgets Screen to continue adding Widgets.
  5. To arrange the Widgets within the sidebar or Widget area, click and drag it into place.
  6. To customize the Widget features, click the down arrow in the upper right corner to expand the Widget’s interface.
  7. To save the Widget’s customization, click Save.
  8. To remove the Widget, click Delete.